• Risk Managers, Accountants & Investment Bankers

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Actuaries use statistical and mathematical models to predict uncertain events and can bring clarity to decision making. Our skills are well-suited for any area that has an element of risk, including projecting future cash flows, assessing the ability of a client to pay back a loan or predicting loan default risk.

The following list identifies the services most frequently requested by risk managers, accountants and investment bankers. More information can be found on the Services page.

  • Allocate the total cost of risk across individual covered entities
  • Create a reporting dashboard to monitor current or emerging results and inform management decision-making
  • Analyze the drivers of actual results and compare against expected results
  • Create or evaluate enterprise risk management (ERM) frameworks including ERM policies and procedures
  • Establish risk appetites, tolerances, and limits and monitor in-force exposures
  • Assess economic capital needs using probabilistic models comprehensively covering company-specific risk sources
  • Perform solvency assessments including assistance with Own Risk and Solvency Assessment reporting (ORSA)

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